Security Guard Training

To become a Security Guard you will need proper training.  Before beginning your training it will be wise to understand the job description, tasks and qualifications required to do that role.

A Security Guard’s job description will vary. Some Security Guard companies will have their own training.  However the Security Guard company will usually be looking for:

Manned guard, mobile patrol, or monitor premises to prevent thievery, violence, or infractions of rules.

A Security Guard will be required to work amongst visitors and staff to protect the property in a professional and calm manner. They will need to use skills to apprehend and evict offenders if there are problems within the premises.

A Security Guard may be required to use detecting devices to scan individuals into premises to prevent prohibited items entering into restricted areas. Some Security Guards may be expected to operate motor vehicles to escort individuals.

A Security Guard must be able to work with security systems. They must be able to check these and adjust them, and they can include alarm systems, CCTV and fire and smoke detection and access systems.

A Security Guard must be able to write reports.  These reports may contain daily activities or may contain issues that have arisen from unauthorised entry by persons, property damage, equipment damage or any out of the ordinary occurrences.  Reports will be written in English with suitable grammar and spelling.  Good computer knowledge will be required to allow the use of word processors and spreadsheets.

A Security Guard must contact the police or other emergency services in cases of emergency.  A Security Guard is unable to make an arrest, so good communication and fast response will be required.

A good knowledge of procedures and policies will be required for the local premises and equipment.

Good communications skills are very important, since a security guard will come in contact with diverse people of various ethnic backgrounds, beliefs and understandings.  A good Security Guard will demonstrate professionalism at all times, must give help for customer needs and be able to make assessments of situations.


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