Security Jobs – Who are you?

For all individuals working in the security industry it is important to keep employment documents and have a digital copy so when looking for a security job, prospective employers can undertake a 5 year employment check or in some cases 10 years to meet BS 7858.

The more documented information the better, to speed up the employment checking process. Original documents should be kept in a safe place readily to hand, P45’s, P60’s, wages slips, all providing evidence of employment especially if the company you worked for is no longer trading.

Unemployment claim letters for the periods not working, College and University course letters while studying.

A record on CV or document giving accurate dates of employment with full company address and contact details not necessarily the site you worked on.
Before anyone can be offered a permanent position a 5 year screening has to be completed within 12 weeks or 10 year 16 weeks screening after conditional employment offer.

Personal reference not a relative or employer know personally to you for two years.

When applying for a security job, it is also important to check passport, visa, driving licence, SIA licence are all up to date and with currant address. Checks will also be made on CCJ’s, Criminal convictions and bankruptcy.

This makes your employment process easier for the employer and your employment less problematic.


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