Key Holding Services – The Key to Your Business’ Success

How many times have you reached into your pocket, desk drawer or bag and had that sudden feeling of dread wash over you? Your keys are not where you thought they were! In fact, they’re nowhere close to hand, thus leaving you in a slightly awkward situation of calling for backup from someone who has the spare!

In reality, this happens a lot. You’d be forgiven for thinking that someone will always have a spare set to help you out of a sticky situation. And rightly so, but what if you’re a business? What if you lock up on a Friday evening and head off for the weekend, taking the only set of keys with you? All manner of things could happen whilst you’re away, a burglary or fire might take place for instance. It’s unlikely that your workforce will be able to sort out any issues for you in your absence.

The reality is that if your business has fallen foul to intruders, you won’t want to deal with any security issues yourself. Instead, you’ll want a specially trained security guard who has a set of your keys to hand to sort the problem for you. This is where key holding comes into play.

Key Holding Services have seen a boost over the last few years, with more and more businesses using independent key holding companies to look after their keys and respond to any security issues. These reputable companies provide key holding services and emergency alarm response to commercial businesses, both big and small across the UK.

What are the benefits to Key Holding?

Think about how many keys you use on a daily basis; house keys, car keys, locker keys, petty cash keys, suitcase keys, padlock keys, key fobs, security tokens, the list goes on and on. Whilst we probably have spare sets of house, car and padlock keys, we’re unlikely to have more than one key fob or security token. For businesses, this is especially true and so there are definitely advantages to using a key holding services company, such as:

  • Reliable – Key holding companies by nature are reliable. If there is an emergency call out, they are the first port of call for most businesses;
  • Expert – Companies that offer key holding services ensure that they understand the business inside out. They work with business owners to cover all elements of the business, including managing security situations and dealing with alarm companies to leave the premise secure;
  • Reputable A good key holding services company is worth their weight in gold. You should ensure that they are compliant with all the relevant licenses and accreditations;
  • Protection – Uniformed response teams act as a security team for your business, your premises and your employees, peace of mind without a doubt;
  • 24/7 – There is no 9-5 when it comes to key holding companies. They operate a 24/7 service, which ensures that your business is fully covered and protected at all times;
  • Speed – If someone breaks into your premises, or there is an emergency, time is always of the essence. A trained key holding professional will be able to attend the emergency on your behalf and will assess the situation;
  • Safety – By employing a key holding company, you lessen the risk to your staff or employees;
  • Professional – All key movements are logged and are audited on a regular basis by key holding response teams. You should also receive a written report following each and every call out with details of the incident.


Business owners aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of utilising key holding services. Homeowners who find themselves overseas, or away for long durations and use key holding services will be safe in the knowledge that their domestic property will be looked after until they return.


Key holding companies can be a valuable source of additional security for your business. If you’re not already using one, it’s highly advised that you work with a reputable company for all your key holding security needs.


Have you or your business used a key holding company or key holding service? Let us know.


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