Applying to work at an SIA Approved Security Company

There is a long list of documents that need to be provided when undertaking security training and applying to work for a SIA Approved security company. It does not stop there as an employee it is important to ensure your passport is up to date and any work permits if not renewed on time will prevent you from working. Your employer needs any renewed original documents so they can be recorded as soon as you receive them. As with the SIA licence, change of address should also be given to your employer.

Emergency contact numbers are also very important if your employer needs to contact your next of kin.  If you change your mobile number or any contact details, then these too need to be updated with your employer. All of these are easily forgotten but when the need arises if not updated then they can cause a lot of difficulty.  As a rule dates of birth and national insurance numbers do not change!


Foot Note

The Manchester United evacuation in May 2016 of the ground has highlighted quite a few issues one of which is one of the security companies had claimed it was SIA approved. To check any company is SIA approved the SIA web site gives a full list of all approved companies for clients and staff it is always best to check to ensure standards are being met by the Security Company from operations to employment.



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