SIA Licence

SIA licence new and renewal service will resume on 6th July from this date onwards applications should be processed through your employer, you also need to create a personal account and link it to your employer. The web address link below has useful videos to explain the changes.

On another note I was returning from undertaking customer care training which within the security industry is a fine balancing line, between welcoming customers and preventing unacceptable behaviour is a skill that is learnt through training and experience.

Recently, when I was travelling on the London Underground a man started to announce his presence to the commuters initially I thought this person was begging. This was not the case he had a board with his contact details asking if anyone could offer him a job to take a picture of his details, his difficulty was not having a permanent address. He was willing to undertake any job. The mood in the carriage when I left was of good will towards this individual and offers from passengers with information of charities that could help and pictures taken of his details. How refreshing.


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