5 top tips for selecting a Close Protection Officer

Protecting high profile VIPs might feel like a scene from a Hollywood movie, but in reality, expert, highly trained and professional close protection officers are worth their weight in gold!

Offering total protection against planned and unplanned threats, a close protection officer will protect their client against the threat of assault, kidnappings, loss of confidential information, and terrorist attacks.

It can be daunting trying to find the right type of close protection officer that you or your client requires. We’ve put together five top tips for you:

  1. Do I need close protection?

If you or your clients are high value, high profile VIPs, celebrities or dignitaries, then the answer is most definitely, yes! It’s not only royalty or movie stars that have bodyguards or a close protection team but anyone who requires additional protection against outside threats.

Look at it this way, if you have the latest and most expensive smart phone you’re more likely to insure it and buy a snazzy cover to protect it if gets dropped on the floor or gets stolen. If you’re still sporting a Nokia 3310, then the likelihood is that you won’t be spending time protecting it.

  1. What type of close protection should I look for?

We would always advise looking for a close protection officer who has been extensively trained and is SIA licenced. The best type of officer would be someone discreet and professional, who understands what their client needs and is both proactive and reactive when situations arise.

  1. What does a close protection officer do?

In the simplest form, a close protection officer looks after high profile clients, VIP, and dignitaries. Their job can range from typical bodyguard duties to pre-planning security at events, liaising with event management staff, managing security at home or whilst travelling, vehicle, room and venue searches and day to day activities. 

  1. What training for Close Protection Officers go through?

Most close protection officers are selected based on their exemplary military and service backgrounds. Those who look after members of the Royal Family or Heads of States often start their careers in the military and then move into looking after high profile VIPs and dignitaries completing specialist training throughout their working life. They will usually stay working within the same team until they retire or decide to move on.

Close protection officers who look after business figures, high profile clients, VIPs and celebrities will need to undertake extensive training and get their licence from the SIA. An SIA licence lasts for three years and costs £220. The SIA website has some useful information on how to become a close protection officer. 

  1. Where can I find an experienced close protection officer?

The best place to source experienced close protection officers is to look for companies that offer total security services. Larger companies will often pay more attention to train their staff and ensure that they have the correct skills, experience, and licences.

No matter your budget, we would always advise that you seek SIA-licenced close protection officers from a reputable security company that offers the highest level of experience, skills, and discretion.

Find out more about close protection officers.


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