What is key holding and how does it work?

If you own your own business and office premises, the chances are that you also shutterstock_403825264own a set of keys, or two. So who looks after your keys and attends out of hours call outs to your office or business premises, if you’re unavailable?

Many business owners use a reputable security company for key holding services. But what is key holding and how does it work?

Key holding is essentially when a third party, normally a security company, looks after or ‘holds’ your keys for your business, premises, offices, depots, etc. and acts as a point of contact to reset alarms, respond to alerts, make onsite checks and provides security cover for when the business owner is unavailable.

So why does my business need key holding?

Key holding might not seem like a necessity, but in essence, it’s an essential part of ensuring that your business is protected around the clock.

An ideal solution for you and your business if you need someone to be onsite at a call out or you need a security officer to check your premises if an alarm is triggered or a break in happens.

A reputable security company will ensure that any call out to your business premises is dealt with swiftly and professionally. Most business owners have a strong relationship with their security provider to ensure that they are on hand to deal with any situations that arise, whether during work hours or out of hours and trust them to report their findings.

The role of the key holder is to primarily act as the first point of contact, should the need arise to visit the premises during a call out or if a security officer is required to attend an alarmed response. Uniformed security officers will attend your office and will manage the situation, whether liaising with an alarm company or the police or simply resetting an alarm on behalf of their client and ensuring that the area is secure. The key holding officer will normally provide the client with a written report outlining the services undertaken and the action required following the incident.

Key holding is a valuable provision for business owners who want to ensure the safety and peace of mind for not only their business but also their staff. Whether you decide to use a local company or a larger, more established security company, you need to ensure that their key holding security officers are fully SIA Licenced. Find out more information about key holding services.


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