Alarm intervention

Leave your home or your business in peace. In case of alarm, our security team will send the nearest mobile patrol to take a look and take care of any problem or burglary attempt.

If you have installed an alarm, it is proof that you know the importance of good security for your home and for your loved ones. Have you thought about what will happen in practice when you are away? Who will be there to deal with all possible alarm situations and at any hours of the day and the night? It is strongly recommended to maximize your investment and your safety by adding an professional alarm intervention service. Moreover, today, the law requires you in case of alarm, that someone will intervene with the keys to neutralize the system and perform a reset.

The police do not move more systematically when your alarm goes off and if they move unnecessarily, you risk a fine or a penalty.

Comprehensive Security offers alarm response service 24/7, which reacts to any trigger of your alarm system as soon as possible. You can finally leave with confidence thanks to our response guards specially trained to this type of mission. In case of alarm during your absence, your central station triggers our intervention. Our nearest guard will be dispatched to perform a verification of you property according to your instructions. Necessary measures will be taken to always secure the premises, repair any damage, reconnect your alarm and call the police if necessary.

An electronic report of each intervention is prepared on site and sent to you by mail. Our mobile guards meet particularly stringent selection criteria and the have the ability to solve the most complex situations during your absences.


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