Improving retail security

Do you remember all those months of planning for the grand opening of your new store? Finally, your hard work has paid off and it’s time to swing those doors wide open!

The only thing left to do is make sure no one ever takes it away from you.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to beef up your retail security and protect your hard-earned investment. It starts with some basics, i.e. security cameras, continues with a smart floor plan, and ends with employee satisfaction.

With a well-trained staff that’s eager to see you succeed, you’ll be well on your way to the highest peaks of success. Let’s get to it!

Don’t Hide Your Security

First and foremost, flex those muscles. Nobody bullies the strongest kid on the playground, right? While a few hidden cameras will go a long way toward catching the bad guys, you really want to flaunt your capabilities in this area.

Hang those security cameras, security mirrors, and motion sensors loud and proud. This is the most natural deterrent to anyone who’s up to no good.

In truth, we’re fans of good ‘ol fashioned security gates on our shopfronts after closing. Whether you’re dealing in high-end luxury or pretty little stationary supplies, there’s no harm in securing your property at the end of the day with a metal gate any criminal would be hard-pressed to bypass.

Make Your Threats Know

Okay, not really. Shopping in your store is, of course, going to be a pleasant experience. However, you do want to hang your shoplifting policy somewhere the bad guys can see it.

A quick glance at “Shoplifters Will Be Prosecuted” is, at least, enough to make someone think twice about their possible deviant act.

Be Neat as a Pin

Now that you’ve taken your stand against the bad guys, there’s a blueprint you can follow for retail security. The goal of this blueprint is to keep a close eye on your merchandise.

Your smaller displays should stand near the cash register. Meanwhile, any taller displays can be placed along the store’s perimeter. With this setup, all your merchandise is likely to remain visible from every vantage point.

If you notice any blind spots, install another security mirror so you can keep your eye on the prize, no matter where you are in the store.

And, finally, be neat as a pin. If everything has a place and is completely free from clutter, it’ll allow you to say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, when something is not where it’s supposed to be.

Learn How to Spot a Shoplifter

Before you host that highly-anticipated grand opening, learn how to spot a shoplifter. Here are a couple tell-tales signs:

  • Someone who leaves and returns repeatedly
  • Someone who hangs out near that one blind spot in your store
  • Someone who hovers over that one section with small, easy-to-snatch items
  • Suspicious groups of people who appear to be distracting your employees
  • Someone with a nervous or anxious demeanor
  • Someone with excessively baggy clothes or large bags

Of course, what if you just bought a new, oversized Prada tote that you can’t wait to trot around town? Does that mean you’ll instantly be earmarked as a potential shoplifter? Of course not!

While it’s good to read about the “look” of a shoplifter, the truth is, bad people come in all shapes and sizes. You want to know what the best “bad people detector” in the whole world is?

Your gut. Your instincts. As long as you’re always alert and in-tune with the ongoings in your store, we suspect your intuition will allow you to see who you should keep a close eye on and who’s safe to just wander about.

Be a Cheerleader

Along the lines of being alert and in-tune with the ongoings of your store, be very vocal in your greeting to your customers. Offer everyone a bright and cheerful hello when they walk through those doors and be sure to offer assistance every time.

A shoplifter’s dream is to walk into a store where the shop clerk is texting her boyfriend behind the register the entire time. So, train your staff on the importance of attentiveness.

It’s not about micromanagement. It’s about the safety of your merchandise and, ultimately, the safety of your employees.

Train Your Employees

No one can be present seven days a week. Well, we suppose some can. But, don’t you want to live a little? As part of your hiring process, focus on the proper training of all your employees, from the stock clerks to the sales clerks.

Train them on every area you’ve come to understand. That includes keeping an eye on everyone, greeting every customer, and picking suspicious characters out of a crowd. But, do drive home one important point.

If push comes to shove, tell your employees to just give the bad guys what they want. Their lives are never going to be worth less than the merchandise. Insurance can cover these things.

Retail Security Is Yours for the Taking

We hope these tips will allow you to experience the highest level of retail security. Of course, even the best security measures get thwarted from time to time. As in all areas of life, not everything is within our control.

But, won’t it feel great to know you’ve done everything in your power to feel safe and secure? Then, you can sleep in peace at night, knowing you’re well-protected. Don’t let your retail security measures stop with those security gates and employee training. Extend your precautionary ways into the world of cybersecurity, too.

And, of course, at the end of the day, it’s all about feeling good, right? Don’t forget to have a little fun and focus on motivation theories for your staff, too. A little bit of appreciation and recognition goes a long way.


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