Reality or Hollywood? Recognizing Real World Security Officers

What do you think of when you think about a security officer? Is your perception tainted by Hollywood which generally paints security officers as comedic caricatures with delusions of grandeur? Do you think of security officers as “wannabe cops” who have no career path? If your answers are affirmative, I ask you to push aside these dated and inaccurate perceptions about security officers and learn what is truly involved in this critically important profession today.

What would your perception of security officers be like if they saved the life of your child? Saving the lives of children or coming to the aid of a choking victim are “regular” heroic acts performed by security officers all the time. The parents of the child saved by security officer, Myisha Pullum, who performed CPR after a near drowning incident at a community swimming pool and off-duty security officer, understand that security officers act as first responders who make the difference between life and death.

Whether they are holding doors and offering assistance, or responding to medical emergencies, reporting suspicious behavior, controlling access or serving as a liaison to local law enforcement, these are the men and women who are helping ensure our homes, communities and workplaces are secure. They are our first line of defense during these challenging times, and deserve our respect and gratitude.

Despite Hollywood depicting an unflattering and condescending portrait of security officers in films like Paul Blurt: Mall Cop, Observe & Report and Night at the Museum, today’s contract security officer possesses superior customer service skills, engages in continual training and is prepared for their daily duties and unexpected challenges. Security officers are well trained, work in a variety of industries and have career opportunities that allow them to grow, develop and put their knowledge and skills into action to help others.


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