Close Protection

I have been involved Close Protection sector for the past 23 years. There have been as you would expect many changes over the years,  the security world has had to face an increase in terrorism and crime.  Both terrorist and criminal organisations have become more refined, they have gained considerable experience and do not seem […]

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Why corporate security matters

In an age where everything is accessible at the touch of a button or accessed remotely, something as simple as corporate security can often be overlooked. And as the old adage goes “prevention is better than cure”, and we like to think the same can be said for corporate security services. It’s better to prevent […]

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The Rise of CCTV

Here’s a question for you. Which country has the most CCTV cameras per head? If you were thinking the USA, China or Japan, you’d be wrong. It’s actually the UK! That’s right, according to those in the know, there are approximately 2.5 million CCTV cameras in the UK alone, and that makes up almost 20% […]

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SIA Self-Service Licence Renewal

The SIA are introducing a new on line self-service licence renewal and licence application service. This means only SIA approved companies can submit licence applications. There will be two levels Licence Management LM and Licence Assist LA. With LM the SIA licenced company will undertake identity checking. Training providers will still support a successful individual […]

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