What is key holding and how does it work?

If you own your own business and office premises, the chances are that you also shutterstock_403825264own a set of keys, or two. So who looks after your keys and attends out of hours call outs to your office or business premises, if you’re unavailable?

Many business owners use a reputable security company for key holding services. But what is key holding and how does it work?

Key holding is essentially when a third party, normally a security company, looks after or ‘holds’ your keys for your business, premises, offices, depots, etc. and acts as a point of contact to reset alarms, respond to alerts, make onsite checks and provides security cover for when the business owner is unavailable.

So why does my business need key holding?

Key holding might not seem like a necessity, but in essence, it’s an essential part of ensuring that your business is protected around the clock.

An ideal solution for you and your business if you need someone to be onsite at a call out or you need a security officer to check your premises if an alarm is triggered or a break in happens.

A reputable security company will ensure that any call out to your business premises is dealt with swiftly and professionally. Most business owners have a strong relationship with their security provider to ensure that they are on hand to deal with any situations that arise, whether during work hours or out of hours and trust them to report their findings.

The role of the key holder is to primarily act as the first point of contact, should the need arise to visit the premises during a call out or if a security officer is required to attend an alarmed response. Uniformed security officers will attend your office and will manage the situation, whether liaising with an alarm company or the police or simply resetting an alarm on behalf of their client and ensuring that the area is secure. The key holding officer will normally provide the client with a written report outlining the services undertaken and the action required following the incident.

Key holding is a valuable provision for business owners who want to ensure the safety and peace of mind for not only their business but also their staff. Whether you decide to use a local company or a larger, more established security company, you need to ensure that their key holding security officers are fully SIA Licenced. Find out more information about key holding services.

SIA Licence

SIA Licence

SIA licence new and renewal service will resume on 6th July from this date onwards applications should be processed through your employer, you also need to create a personal account and link it to your employer. The web address link below has useful videos to explain the changes.


On another note I was returning from undertaking customer care training which within the security industry is a fine balancing line, between welcoming customers and preventing unacceptable behaviour is a skill that is learnt through training and experience.

Recently, when I was travelling on the London Underground a man started to announce his presence to the commuters initially I thought this person was begging. This was not the case he had a board with his contact details asking if anyone could offer him a job to take a picture of his details, his difficulty was not having a permanent address. He was willing to undertake any job. The mood in the carriage when I left was of good will towards this individual and offers from passengers with information of charities that could help and pictures taken of his details. How refreshing.

Applying to work at an SIA Approved Security Company

There is a long list of documents that need to be provided when undertaking security training and applying to work for a SIA Approved security company. It does not stop there as an employee it is important to ensure your passport is up to date and any work permits if not renewed on time will prevent you from working. Your employer needs any renewed original documents so they can be recorded as soon as you receive them. As with the SIA licence, change of address should also be given to your employer.

Emergency contact numbers are also very important if your employer needs to contact your next of kin.  If you change your mobile number or any contact details, then these too need to be updated with your employer. All of these are easily forgotten but when the need arises if not updated then they can cause a lot of difficulty.  As a rule dates of birth and national insurance numbers do not change!


Foot Note

The Manchester United evacuation in May 2016 of the ground has highlighted quite a few issues one of which is one of the security companies had claimed it was SIA approved. To check any company is SIA approved the SIA web site gives a full list of all approved companies for clients and staff it is always best to check to ensure standards are being met by the Security Company from operations to employment.


Five Tips For Choosing Event Security

Event security is one of the most important factors for anyone who is planning an event.

Professional Security Services

With summer on our doorstep, it means that there are hundreds, if not thousands of sporting events and music festivals taking place up and down the country. This ultimately means that as well as your business and employees’ safety, you’re also responsible for Joe Public attending the event in question.

With the rise in the number of threats not only at events but outside event grounds, now, more than ever means that event security is a hot topic.

But of course, it’s not just high-profile sporting events and festivals that require event security. Conferences, corporate events, VIP events, concerts, and both small and large-scale events require tight security, especially in light of recent security breaches. Take a look at our tips for choosing the right event security.

Our Top 5 Event Security Tips

  1. Opt for an all-in-one solution

Whilst you could get yourself one or two event security guards to help with your event, your best bet would be to hire a security company that has a professional and experienced team who can manage all elements of your event security on your behalf. From licensed door supervisors and trained stewards to account managers, you won’t have to worry about dealing with the security detail.

  1. Choose a security team with a range of skills

This might sound like a no-brainer, but choosing a security team that has the necessary experience to help look after your event is essential. If your event is a large-scale sporting affair, then you’ll need a team who can manage and control crowds and search for potential threats. If your business event is smaller but requires dealing with VIPs and dignitaries, then your event security team will need to be able to work with a different type of clientele.

  1. Good communication is key

We don’t mean ensuring that your event security team know when and where they should be. In this particular instance, we’re referring to how well your security team communicates with you guests! Depending on your event, you’ll need to rely on the communication skills of your event security. From the moment that your guests or attendees arrive at the event, to the moment they leave, (as well as anything else that requires the intervention of event security during the event itself) will require staff who can conform to your needs and requirements. Ensuring that the team can deal with clients, guests and attendees in a professional manner is a must!

  1. Plan, plan and then plan some more

The great thing about dealing with an experienced and highly skilled security company is that you’ll have total peace of mind when it comes to the planning and running of your event. A good security company worth their salt will be able to help you plan your event down to the tiniest detail. More often than not, it can be easy to overlook certain details. So working with a dedicated security company will mean that an account manager will be on hand to ensure that all elements of event security are covered. And whilst you won’t be able to plan for the unforeseeable, your account manager will be able to access any potential risks and work out the best way to protect you from any issues.

  1. Ensure that your event security team has the right licenses

You’ll want to ensure that any event security team, or company that you work for one off, or ongoing events with complies with all the necessary accreditations and licenses. All professional and fully trained teams will comply with the BS ISO 9001 standard, which forms the basis of most company’s quality procedures, and additionally BS 7858 and BS 7499 which is the British Standard.

Running an event can be complicated. Don’t let poorly handled event security be the reason your guests and attendees remember your event. Follow our top tips to event success!

Key Holding Services – The Key to Your Business’ Success

How many times have you reached into your pocket, desk drawer or bag and had that sudden feeling of dread wash over you? Your keys are not where you thought they were! In fact, they’re nowhere close to hand, thus leaving you in a slightly awkward situation of calling for backup from someone who has the spare!

In reality, this happens a lot. You’d be forgiven for thinking that someone will always have a spare set to help you out of a sticky situation. And rightly so, but what if you’re a business? What if you lock up on a Friday evening and head off for the weekend, taking the only set of keys with you? All manner of things could happen whilst you’re away, a burglary or fire might take place for instance. It’s unlikely that your workforce will be able to sort out any issues for you in your absence.

The reality is that if your business has fallen foul to intruders, you won’t want to deal with any security issues yourself. Instead, you’ll want a specially trained security guard who has a set of your keys to hand to sort the problem for you. This is where key holding comes into play.

Key Holding Services have seen a boost over the last few years, with more and more businesses using independent key holding companies to look after their keys and respond to any security issues. These reputable companies provide key holding services and emergency alarm response to commercial businesses, both big and small across the UK.

What are the benefits to Key Holding?

Think about how many keys you use on a daily basis; house keys, car keys, locker keys, petty cash keys, suitcase keys, padlock keys, key fobs, security tokens, the list goes on and on. Whilst we probably have spare sets of house, car and padlock keys, we’re unlikely to have more than one key fob or security token. For businesses, this is especially true and so there are definitely advantages to using a key holding services company, such as:

  • Reliable – Key holding companies by nature are reliable. If there is an emergency call out, they are the first port of call for most businesses;
  • Expert – Companies that offer key holding services ensure that they understand the business inside out. They work with business owners to cover all elements of the business, including managing security situations and dealing with alarm companies to leave the premise secure;
  • Reputable A good key holding services company is worth their weight in gold. You should ensure that they are compliant with all the relevant licenses and accreditations;
  • Protection – Uniformed response teams act as a security team for your business, your premises and your employees, peace of mind without a doubt;
  • 24/7 – There is no 9-5 when it comes to key holding companies. They operate a 24/7 service, which ensures that your business is fully covered and protected at all times;
  • Speed – If someone breaks into your premises, or there is an emergency, time is always of the essence. A trained key holding professional will be able to attend the emergency on your behalf and will assess the situation;
  • Safety – By employing a key holding company, you lessen the risk to your staff or employees;
  • Professional – All key movements are logged and are audited on a regular basis by key holding response teams. You should also receive a written report following each and every call out with details of the incident.


Business owners aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of utilising key holding services. Homeowners who find themselves overseas, or away for long durations and use key holding services will be safe in the knowledge that their domestic property will be looked after until they return.


Key holding companies can be a valuable source of additional security for your business. If you’re not already using one, it’s highly advised that you work with a reputable company for all your key holding security needs.


Have you or your business used a key holding company or key holding service? Let us know.